Since COVID started, EngageRM has nearly doubled the size of its staff.

Sports industry veteran Nick Zanotto is heading the company’s drive into the US market as Vice President – North America Development. Nick is responsible for all sales operations and development within the region and brings a wealth of experience across sports and entertainment. He has significant sales and sports tech experience with Legends, San Francisco Giants, San Diego Padres and Omaze.

Tim Barber has joined as Director of Sales Australasia, driving numerous opportunities in the Australian market and region. With 13 years of SaaS sales experience, Tim brings process and leadership experience to the fast-growing EngageRM operation.

Nick and Tim will be supporting our efforts to connect fans and partners to their organisations with smart, integrated and fully scaleable technology across sponsorship, ticketing and all other business operations.

EngageRM has grown quickly in the last 12 months after becoming a Microsoft global ISV co-sell partner. We have 20+ years of CRM experience and over 40,000 hours of development time, our product has been fine tuned to meet the specific needs of customers around the world. This has brought access to the US and European markets, participation in the Microsoft Sports, Media & Entertainment Accelerator and the interest of teams, leagues and venues wanting to grow past the current market offerings.

With industry specific verticals in sport (SportsRM) and government (CouncilRM), the business is focussed on better customer experiences through the use of repeatable IP, innovation around data and artificial intelligence to empower clients in the sport, entertainment, media and government.

The EngageRM approach has been built around a strong understanding of what actually happens – and should happen – in our clients businesses and then building process enablers to support them. Our product has always been scaleable and with these appointments we can help more people to bring success in their own environments.

If you would like to speak with Nick or Tim, or find out more about the SportsRM and CouncilRM products, please get in touch.

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