Netball Queensland leverages technology to enable process, drive efficiency and add revenue streams for the growth of sports participation in Queensland.

Netball Queensland is the sport’s peak body and delivers netball participation, coaching, officiating and representative programs across the state of Queensland. Leadership events along with elite programs are also run out of the new Queensland State Netball Centre.

The ability to view stakeholders and their related information including participation and membership enables us to engage in ways previously not available.

Catherine Clark, CEO, Netball Queensland


The Situation

In 2018, Netball QLD went through an exhaustive process to select a technology platform that could move the organisation towards their digital transformation goals. This solution had to enable processes related to professional sports, venue hire, and participation, and integrate with systems managing other processes to deliver a single stakeholder view.

Netball Queensland will celebrate its 50th year in 2020 and is the state’s peak body accountable for the growth and development of netball and its volunteers throughout Queensland. From the elite teams, the Lorna Jane Queensland Firebirds, right down to the grassroots, the mission is for people to belong, enjoy, develop and excel in netball. As the sport’s peak body, Netball Queensland provides leadership to 12 regional branches, 79 affiliated netball Associations, over 360 clubs, approximately 52,000 registered players and an engaged community of more than 300,000.


The Solution

In 2018 Netball Queensland embarked on a digital transformation, which coincided with a move to a new venue, The Queensland State Netball Centre. CEO Catherine Clark has a strong vision regarding the continued growth of Netball participation in Queensland and Australia, and with this vision comes the need to ensure that a single view of all stakeholders is at the core of the transformation.

EngageRM Tick Box Dot Point Icon The Netball QLD implementation captures data from several areas enabling the management of a diverse range of stakeholders, members, corporates, sponsors and participants with the aim being to leverage this information providing a more enhanced stakeholder experience.

EngageRM Tick Box Dot Point Icon The bringing together of multiple business units into a single technology platform provided challenges but staff were engaged and shared the organisation’s vision. The technology had to be the enabler of process and not inhibit the transformation goals.

EngageRM Tick Box Dot Point Icon EngageRM has been built on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform also leveraging Office 365 and Power BI to enable processes related to sports organisations and venues.

EngageRM Tick Box Dot Point IconEngageRM delivers several process enablers for sports organisations. The solution is repeatable and based on the collective experience and knowledge of our sporting clients and partners. This approach, leveraging the experts in our industry to drive the EngageRM Roadmap, ensures a lower cost of delivery and support for our clients.

EngageRM Tick Box Dot Point Icon Multiple portals running from Azure for corporate, membership and community interactions, move data to a single EngageRM deployment delivering several efficiency gains and high-quality insights.

EngageRM has enabled each process put forward and the roadmap suggests there’s many more efficiencies to be gained as the business continues to move through this digital transformation.

Matthew Battams, GM Business Services and Transformation, Netball Queensland


  The Benefits

What’s exciting about EngageRM is the number of touch-points an organisation like Netball Queensland can have with its stakeholders. From initial corporate prospecting, or maybe as a parent of a child attending a clinic, as a hirer of facilities, as a social netballer, or even a coach or official, a stakeholder’s joy and interest in netball has many entry-points.

Through intelligent tagging, stakeholder segments grow, and these stakeholder groups are engaged in a number of ways that match their interests, either: in a corporate hospitality or sponsorship space; the events that they are invited to; membership offerings to support the elite team in the national competition; or as volunteers or participants.

Through the life of these stakeholders, their engagement with netball will change – it may even stop and re-start – but EngageRM is able to track all of these interactions and support the organisation as they provide services, experiences and value.

The key to EngageRM is leveraging technology to enable process.

Brett Yorgey , Managing Director, EngageRM


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