Learning from the collective insights of conversations that are conducted within a business has long been the desire of organisations around the world. Conversational Intelligence allows this. Managers want to learn from what is being said and done on a day-by-day, hour-by-hour and minute-by-minute basis. What is the stream of consciousness and how do we learn from it?

That capability is now with us, through the fascinating work being undertaken by Microsoft in Israel. EngageRM has been working in this area over the past 6 months and closely involved in undertaking Proof of Concept work with some of our clients.

The team is Israel is lead by Erez Altus, Senior Product Manager. Erez is being supported bu Engineer Ofri Shoham and Abed Asi, Senior Data Scientist. This group has been able to develop the technology to the point where it is now being utilised very effectively and delivering insights that are changing the way sales teams and others work.

The foundation of conversational intelligence is allowing better insights to transform relationships into revenue and guiding the way that this occurs. By automatically transcribing calls and analysing content, sentiment, and behavioural style conversation intelligence provides meaningful insights. Sellers can effectively guide buyers towards purchase by using proven conversational techniques.

Conversational intelligence brings you closer to your customers and is a fast emerging areas of Artificial Intelligence. Importantly, you are able to analyse sentiment, based on the terminology used in a call and then identify buyer interests on a wide scale by combining data and looking at keywords and phrases.

It’s possible to understand how the best sellers are succeeding, using their profile. For example the terminology used by a higher performer can be identified and repeated. It’s possible to very quickly dig into the recording of the conversation itself, listen and use this for coaching for the individual or on a wider scale.

One of the most useful features for those whose attention to detail may not be perfect is the automated suggestion of tasks and actions from the call. The software will pick up possible actions and make suggestions to create tasks at the click of a button. The amount of time and effort this feature alone saves makes the value proposition for conversational intelligence very compelling.

Once installed, Conversational Intelligence will work with any telephony. Previous calls can be run through the system to get historic data – at EngageRM we use Microsoft Teams with telephony enabled, so everything is within our own environment. The entire conversation can be tagged and a summary provided – as per the screen shown here – to determine how to change actions based on results.

As a SportsRM user, you also have out-of-the-box access to our Sales Script function, so that your users know exactly what to say and can be guided in every call. All of this is recorded and stored in the CRM and the Sales Script can be customised for different products and services.

While we have referenced a sales environment here, the reality is that Conversational Intelligence has many use cases across sport, entertainment and other environments. It is particularly helpful in counselling environments, call centres and anywhere that relies on the integrity of a conversation for success.

We recently conducted a Webinar with the Microsoft Israel team, which will soon be made available here.

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