Finding ways to do more and achieve better outcomes with less people and resources has never been more relevant.

Over the past six months, we have seen an increasing focus from all of our clients and prospects across sport, entertainment and government, looking at ways to bring together the benefits of technology in a simple and meaningful way that allows them to continue the service to their fans, customers and partners. At the same time, we’ve been doing an increasing amount of work with a range of teams from Microsoft around artificial intelligence (AI).

Over the past three years, Microsoft has become the undisputed global leader in Artificial Intelligence (AI), creating and developing solutions that are practical and can be used right now for the benefit of teams, leagues, venues and associations.

The development and capability of AI as it worked today might surprise you. Just a couple of years ago, it seemed to be science fiction, however, there are now many use cases where AI in various forms is being used extensively to enable process. These areas include:

Conversational IntelligenceBy converting conversations from sales, support and other departments across your business and analysing the insights, you’re able to coach and develop staff, assess competition recall and determine customer intent in your conversations.

Sales InsightsDelivering information and gathering data from the contacts in your CRM, the sales insights process can then be used to drastically improve the performance of the sales team, suggesting automated call lists using lead scoring and other AI mechanisms.

Customer Service InsightsBy tracking visits to your website and gathering data in the Customer Data Platform (CDP) it’s possible to take millions of data points and build a picture of your various customer segments and how they’re interacting with your organisation. This allows you to make automated decisions that lead to much stronger focus and outcomes.

Power PlatformThis has been used extensively across all areas of the Microsoft ecosystem and is now acknowledged to be the leader in this area. SportsRM uses the power platform extensively to automate processes that were time-consuming and frustrating previously. We have refined the partner deal approval process extensively, ensuring that deals can be approved in an automated manner, enabling the correct sign-off processes and ensuring a paper trail for audit and other purposes.

Power Virtual Agent – These services – sometimes called chatbots – are becoming more intelligent and engaging. Rather than having one-dimensional engagement with clients online, you are now able to teach a Power Virtual Agent (PVA) to understand what people are looking for and what their preferences are. This leads to a more meaningful conversation before human intervention when it is needed.

TicketingWe’re now using sales scripts out-of-the-box with SportsRM, customisable for each of your use cases, to drive stronger conversations. This information is automatically added to the CRM and then can be analysed using conversational intelligence to determine buyer intent and the ability of your sales team to stay on script.

It’s likely that in the current environment, your organisation is – at best – under pressure from a financial perspective to deliver the same outcomes with less resources. At worst, you need to fulfil a seemingly impossible task list with fewer resources than ever before. AI is changing this relationship so that you now have the power and the opportunity to make changes in ways that were not formally possible.

We have observed first-hand significant savings in time, money and frustration from the effective use of AI across our client base. If you are considering ways to become more efficient in your business, it’s critical that you consider how this works and what the opportunities might be. Get in touch and we can talk further.

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