From dynamic partner deal solutions to impactful community portals, the recent EngageRM AFL Partner Day provided a fruitful opportunity to interact digitally with proactive Aussie rules clubs about innovative offerings from the sports technology leader. 

The online gathering gave EngageRM’s executives and wider team a chance to update C-level executives about various changes that have been introduced to the platform, offering vital new engagement capabilities within a highly competitive space.  

For EngageRM’s Dynamics 365 Senior Consultant, Vicky Watt, who was one of the contributors during the event, the online workshop’s informative overview of the platform’s game-changing features provided the clubs with food for thought – and the foundations for future growth. 

“It was a fantastic opportunity to engage with the clubs, some of whom have been clients for more than a decade,” she says. “There have been so many important additions to the platform over the past couple of years, as well as with the company itself, which has grown considerably. 

“Some of the changes to the platform have occurred as a result of onboarding international clients and enhancing existing processes, so it was important to explain these to the club executives on a face-to-face basis.” 


Innovative solutions 

Of the various new capabilities highlighted, EngageRM’s partner deal solution was one feature that sparked particular interest. 

The solution provides the functionality to support larger partnership deals. The solution effectively quantifies partnership agreements and analyses the value of each deal, even over multiple years, whilst being supported with quote-building and automated escalator calculations. 

“Clients can see the margins, efficiencies, costs, rate cards and many more metrics to help build a deal, with automated approvals also possible,” Watt says. 

“We also walked the clubs through the work we have been doing in terms of membership data integration, while the community portal, which facilitates registrations and donations, also captured the attention of our attendees. There was also interest expressed in NFTs, with several of the clubs keen to find out more information. 

“There have actually been several registrations of interest in the functionalities outlined the sessions by a number of different clubs since the AFL Partner Day just a few weeks ago.” 

Close ties 

Watt, who spent more than six years at Adelaide Football Club – and three as a CRM executive – before joining EngageRM in 2018, recognizes the importance of close ties with clients with gatherings such as the AFL Partner Day, providing a platform for interactive updates. 

Indeed, such was the success of the event, EngageRM is hopeful of organising more Partner Days with clients in the future. 

“The idea of the Partner Day sessions was to be informative and strengthen the community without delving into specific training. Therefore it was designed to be more of an introduction to different functionalities, giving clients the chance to follow up with us on areas of interest,” Watt says. 

“It is a great forum for interaction and an opportunity for our clients to have a voice and speak directly with EngageRM service-level managers and executives. We have day-to-day conversations with the platform’s users, but it was important here to communicate with C-level executives and general managers and explain the real-life benefits of the solutions we can offer.” 


Watch the highlights from our Partner Day here

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