Heading into Christmas 2020 after one of the most challenging years the world – and sport – has ever seen, we were fortunate to be able to give something back. Based on this experience, we’re now working to provide tools and assistance to other clients and communities that really need this help.

While for many people COVID brought new challenges, it simply compounded them for disadvantaged sections of the community. The Chicago Bears decided to do something that would support those less fortunate in the Windy City and EngageRM was able to jump in and help.

We're Passionate About Helping Communities

We're able to assist with technology that helps local Social Justice NFP organisations deliver their services more effectively. If you need assistance in capturing, processing and managing your date, please reach out.


Working with the Bears Vice President of Information Technology, Justin Stahl, Charles Sims from the Clippers and the team from Target Area, EngageRM helped deliver a strong community program, ensuring that the relevant data could be collected and analysed to make improvements. 

The program will help communities effected by gun violence and those who face other critical challenges including job loss, eviction, food insecurity and staying safe during the pandemic. Data can now be collected far more effectively, while feedback, engagement and incentives are significantly easier to deliver and record.

“This is something we have been thinking about for a long time”, said EngageRM’s Chief Product Officer Brett Yorgey. “We knew that we could bring a lot of value to charitable organisations who just needed some help.”


We know first hand how much sport can help people and communities get back on track and work together when things are tough. With this experience we can now help thousands, in fact tens of thousands of people who just need a helping hand.

Brett Yorgey, Chief Product Officer, EngageRM


Target Arena is a multi-issue grassroots leadership development organization that works for social justice reform and systemic change in Chicago. Executive Director Autry Phillips said that Target Area had outgrown their previous means of collecting data over the last two years. The organization tracks several metrics to measure its effectiveness.

“What they’re providing for us is an opportunity to capture our work and talk about our work with data,” said Phillips. “Everything in our community now is data-driven. For us to have a platform where we’re able to extract information for our funder, to talk about our work through numbers, that’s a game-changer.”

Having a strong and close working relationship with Microsoft has enabled EngageRM to utilise the technology that the partners were already using.


We feel very strongly about doing our bit to help the world be a better place. When passionate people come together to solve a problem, great things happen. Microsoft has been a big part of this and together we know that we can take this to communities that really need it. We’re fortunate to be in a position to help and we want to do it well.

Nick Zanotto, Vice President, North America Development


If your organisation is seeking to help the local community, raise awareness and make a difference through sport, please speak to us about how we can help.