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EngageRM Leadership

EngageRM is governed by a skills-based Board of Directors with relevant expertise in technology, data, business, sport and government. The Board oversees the business and in conjunction with Executive management, drives the strategic and operational focus of the business.

We have a hand-picked a leadership team with the experience, drive, energy, passion and focus to deliver best-in-class solutions.


Management Team

EngageRM has a growing team across Australia, US, and Europe. Photos and bios for key leadership are below.

Ned Coten

Chief Executive Officer

Ned has an extensive background in professional sport as an athlete, executive and volunteer, in addition to building successful businesses in aged care, self-storage, strategy and technology. Ned is the current President and Chairman of the Board for Basketball Australia and well connected in global sport, currently being a member of the FIBA Global Competitions Commission. He is responsible for the financial operation of the business with a focus on sales and marketing.

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Brett Yorgey

Chief Product Officer

Brett founded the business and ensures that the insights and vision that have changed the way many of our partners operate continues. Brett understands every function across our product suite, having had the rare combination of vision and skill to bring his ideas to reality over 25+ years. His deep knowledge of the markets in which we operate and how to best solve the issues that arise, positions him as one of the most insightful leaders in the market.

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Neil McKinnon

Chief Technical Officer

Neil oversees the product team and has vast experience at all levels of business and technology. He was a pioneer in cloud delivery of service management in Australia. Starting as a mathematician, Neil has held roles spanning software development, architecture, executive management and leadership across Australia, NZ and the US. He is a former executive at UXC/DXC and brings a calm and focussed approach to a talented product team.

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Our business

EngageRM an Australian-owned technology leader with a global view. The business has grown quickly in the last 12 months after becoming a Microsoft global ISV co-sell partner.

With 20+ years of CRM experience and over 40,000 hours of development time, the product has been fine tuned to meet the specific needs of customers around the world. This has brought access to the US and European markets, participation in the Microsoft Sports, Media & Entertainment Accelerator and the interest of teams, leagues and venues wanting to grow past the current market offerings.

We have a specific focus and expertise in Dynamics365 along with Office365, the Microsoft CDP, Power BI and Microsoft’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) capability.

SportsRM has been built, enhanced, and continues to evolve in conjunction with leading industry authorities, including some of the largest clubs, stadiums, arena’s and associations across Australia and the United States.

Our focus is to ensure that sports organisations are fully ‘technology fluent and enabled’. This means better technology, but also the training, support and inspiration to implement and use it well. We are particularly passionate about education and enabling the sports and entertainment industry to be better prepared for the challenges ahead.


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Key comments

These comments can be used without request and are attributable to the executive identified in each case:

The EngageRM Advantage – comments attributable to Ned Coten

Understand Sports and Technology

Clubs see that we really know what it means to operate effectively as a sporting organization. We combine that with our deep understanding of Dynamics 365 and the Power Platform.  We solve a very specific set of needs for a very specific client base.

Helping Clubs Think Strategically

Many clubs haven’t stopped to think about how they could run their organizations more efficiently because they’re so busy just getting their day-to-day work done. We help them see how they can better utilize their people to accelerate the benefits for their membership or ticketing base rather than just doing it the same old way.

Built on Dynamics

Microsoft has hundreds of skilled developers creating great capabilities for the Dynamics platform. We focus on applying our knowledge of sports to create enhancements on top of Dynamics to drive real value for our customers.

In the past three years Microsoft has invested heavily in a common data model and customer insights engine. All these capabilities are exactly what’s needed to enable us to build a solution that can take clubs to the next level of fan engagement.

Where Are Things Headed – comments attributable to Brett Yorgey

Fan Engagement

Successful organizations are focussing on fan engagement. In the future, success is going to come from branching out to the grassroots followers of your sport.

The Extended Fan Base

You probably know the 100,000 or so people who have bought tickets to your games, but do you know the next 300,000 who have joined the ticket holders – family members, friends, co-workers, and the like?  Smart organizations will start to track those individuals as well – how many games a year do they come to? What affects whether they come – the weather, other conflicts the time of year? Artificial intelligence can help organizations be smarter about and really understand those fans.

Focus on Success During the Offseason

So much focus for sports organizations is on the season – limited thought is given to the bigger picture. Successful organizations focus on success 365 days a year – using data to improve every aspect of operations and the fan experience.

Focus on Business Success

Sports organisations have to make money. Yes, they want you to feel good about their team, and they hope they bring you wins and championships, but they also want you to buy more tickets, buy more food at the game, sell you gear. So, let’s get them better engaged so they spend more money.

Best Practices – comments attributable to Neil McKinnon

Start with a Vision

You need to articulate your objectives first. What are you trying to achieve? In most cases in sport, those are things like better fan engagement, better corporate engagement, a more qualified list of people you want to deal with.

Executive Commitment

Incorporating technology into your business requires change no matter how easy the software is to use. And people resist change. So, if you are going to be successful, you must have executive commitment to take full advantage of your solutions across the organization.


Successful organizations plan for how they’re going to use technology and then create processes to make those plans happen. But if you can see the vision for what you’re going to accomplish, and then share that vision with everyone who is involved in using the technology, you can accomplish amazing things.

Process Driven

Successful organizations are driven by processes. Technology is just there to support or enable those processes. If you have people that don’t understand process, then organizations will struggle to get maximum value out of the technology.


Automate as much as possible. With SportsRM, we’ve built many automated processes into our solutions. It means higher revenue per customer without additional manual steps on the part of the organisation.

Focus on the Business, not Just Sport

Some customers are quite sophisticated in their understanding of their corporate accounts, their partnership teams, their membership base – operating the non-sporting side of the business. When you free up people from manual data entry, you enable higher value business activities like being on the phone with a season ticket member.


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