There’s a new offering on the Dynamics 365 Marketing platform, and we’re excited about it. Real-time marketing offers a new way for organizations to communicate with their customers, as the functionality is already available in the US, UK, Europe, and Australia. The days of being limited to traditional email marketing are gone; with real-time marketing, you can now trigger event-based journeys.

Below are some of the features we are excited about when it comes to utilizing the power of real-time marketing


Event-based journeys

The exciting thing about these is that you can trigger a marketing journey off almost anything recorded within Dynamics. However, Microsoft does provide 29 out-of-the-box triggers to get you started.

This tool opens an endless array of opportunities, changing how organizations can communicate with their customers. A sports industry example of this could be triggering an event when someone enters a stadium or sending merchandise discounts if your team scores a certain number of points. Engaging customers this way can not only increase engagement; but boost the overall live event experience.


SMS functionality

Real-time marketing now offers the ability for journeys to incorporate SMS functionality. Organizations can communicate with customers straight to their mobile phones. It’s easy to do; you write an SMS, which can include personalization, then drag it into your journey builder. It’s a platform that renders email marketing obsolete.


Push Notifications

Does your organization have an app? If so, it can become another touchpoint with your customers. Real-time marketing allows organizations to integrate marketing messages into their application through push notifications.

What time means is that instead of constantly communicating through the same channel, you can now send push notifications straight to the lock screen of your audience. This tool makes sending messages, offers, and deals to your users effortless and tracks the analytics to see how your customers engaged with those messages.


AI-empowered journeys

Marketing insights are a great tool to gauge how your audience values the message you are sending them, but what if we could improve those insights with the power of AI? With real-time marketing, this is now a reality.

AI makes it possible to monitor which channels are likely to be successful based on previous insights around how specific customers have interacted with you in the past. For example, you may have a real-time journey that allows a customer to receive an email, text, or push notification. Based on historical data, AI will determine which model is most likely to achieve the journey goal. Therefore, ensuring that each journey you launch will have the highest chance of engagement, taking the guesswork out of trying different methods endlessly, and saving you time.


What we’ve listed above barely scratches the surface of the capabilities of this new tool. If you would like to explore how real-time marketing could boost your customer engagement, be sure to get in touch. In the meantime, be sure to check out this video from Microsoft to learn more.


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