Hi, I’m Corey Kirby

But you can call me Corza (I’ve always wanted to be called CJ, but it never stuck)

I was born and raised in Ballarat although I’ve done two stints in London over the past decade. We recently returned to Ballarat at the end of 2020 after 18 months in the UK

and I’m currently in Ballarat

You’ll find me eating spaghetti pizza. Whoever decided to combine my two loves should win a Nobel Prize, it is incredible and doubles as an excellent breakfast food the next day

And you’ll see me drinking a coffee, it might be because I have a mild addiction but if I don’t have at least two a headache will come on. My order is a flat white with oat milk for those wondering

A sports moment I’ll never forget is hard to pick, so we’re going with two here:

  1. I am a season-ticket holder of Arsenal and was lucky enough to be in the crowd for the 2011 win over Barcelona at The Emirates, which was an amazing experience. ARRSSHHAAVVIINN!
  2. The 2011 Preliminary Final between Collingwood and Hawthorn, which is still the loudest crowd I’ve ever been part of (and the good guys won) and I’ve never felt the stands at the MCG shake like that, before or after. The 2018 Preliminary Final win against Richmond was also an unforgettable night

The sports venue you’ll have trouble getting me out of is again, hard to pick so I’ll put a few. The MCG Is hard to top, Wembley is pretty special as well although I loved going to Arsenal matches and soaking in the atmosphere outside the ground between 2009-2011 (recent seasons haven’t been as enjoyable but we don’t talk about that). It was even better the second time we were in the UK, as I was able to share the experience with my young daughter who started to get excited about going to Arsenal right as the pandemic hit

I idolise no one in particular, as a kid I loved Nathan Buckley and Thierry Henry but now I try to take snippets from a range of people that I admire and see how I could apply their traits to my role and life

On the weekend you’ll find me running, a lot. I’m also one of three senior coaches at Beaufort Football Netball Club, which provides me with an opportunity to be involved in community sport now that my body doesn’t allow me to play. Otherwise, anything that involves sport with the family or going to a local café for a coffee and croissant

I’m always happy to talk about my sport, I spend far too much time and energy working out how my team can still make finals or what it could be doing better. I’m not the most emotional person, but sport triggers those types of feelings you don’t otherwise get in everyday life (outside of family, of course). In terms of working life, I’m most passionate about trying to put the right things in place that allow people to do what they do best and be part of a team that enjoys its work each day.

Something you may not know about me is that I’ve run three marathons and had three cancelled this year alone!


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