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Business Automation, CRM
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Leading sports and entertainment businesses use EngageRM to deliver incredible experiences, create loyal, life-long fans, and reach new levels of revenue and growth


Are you a team, league, venue, or organization being held back by restrictive data silos, disconnected solutions, or fragmented audience engagement?

EngageRM connects organizations with their fans, enables unforgettable live experiences, cultivates successful partnerships, facilitates community engagement, and drives process, fulfilment and automation. Watch the video to learn more.

Watch the video
to learn more
Engage RM

A Trusted Software Platform
Helping Sports And Entertainment Organizations
Win Every Time

EngageRM’s unified platform provides teams, leagues, venues and
organizations across the globe with these valuable tools:

With EngageRM, You'll Unlock These Powerful Brand-Growing Experiences

Deeper Fan Engagement Via Artificial Intelligence

Now you can understand and more easily connect with your fans, customers and community utilising advanced system automation, artificial intelligence, machine learning and blockchain.

Streamlined And Integrated Ticketing Processes

You’ll unlock robust, purpose-built software that utilizes Microsoft’s latest technology, including integrations with leading ticketing vendors.

Intelligent Marketing Insights And Campaign Deployment

You’ll have the world’s most powerful fan data analysis algorithms and personalised marketing automation at your fingertips.

More Profitable Corporate Sales And Partnerships

You’ll access automated fulfillment functionality and customizable sales scripts designed specifically for sports and entertainment organizations.

Unforgettable Hospitality And Event Experiences

You’ll leverage user friendly apps and portals to deliver best-in-class event and facility management solutions that your clients will love.

Powerful Insights From Real-Time Reporting

You’ll access more than 20 customisable ‘real time data’ reports so you can make better decisions and ensure everyone has the right information at their fingertips. Reports can be delivered automatically, too.

Better Partnerships Via Third Party Data Enrichment

Every large organization has third party data. We’ll work with you to understand the demographics, social data and brand affinity that empowers your corporate team to build stronger partnerships.

The Relief (And Profitability) Of Automation

You’ll get hundreds of automated business processes that save countless hours of time and days of frustration, while ensuring meticulous tracking, reduced risk and adherence to systems.

A Truly Centralized And Deeply Customisable Platform

You’ll have a unified platform for all your data, sales, process automation, fulfillment, reporting, and marketing functionality connected natively in CRM.

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Want to see how EngageRM could deliver incredible experiences, create loyal, life-long fans, and reach new levels of revenue and growth for your sport or entertainment brand? Book your free discovery call today.

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See Exactly How EngageRM Is Growing Sports And Entertainment Organizations Across The Globe

EngageRM is the backbone of some of the largest and most complicated sports and entertainment businesses world-wide. Take a look at these case studies to learn more.

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Here Are 4 Game-Changing Reasons
Why Global Business Leaders
Invest In EngageRM


Get Tools To Increase Revenue And Drive Growth

EngageRM delivers a better experience for your fans, innovating alongside Microsoft to streamline and enable ground-breaking business operations. EngageRM centralises data to sell out stadiums, maximise revenue and profitability, and drive business growth.


Achieve Efficiency Gains And A Reduction In Costs

EngageRM’s all-encompassing platform and its highly-skilled team has deep and wide knowledge of sports and entertainment business processes. This means you extract better insights from existing fan, membership and venue data to build more profitable relationships with fans, members, sponsors, and future advocates.


Operate With A Lower Risk Profile

EngageRM streamlines and integrates data from unlimited sources, increases automation, and provides visibility across the entire business. With EngageRM, you get a secure and fully scalable platform that protects your business and substantially reduces risk.


Unlock Global Knowledge, Passion And Expertise

Our team built EngageRM from the ground up based on years of direct personal experience working in sports and entertainment organizations. We are fully committed to peak performance with a culture based on excellence, innovation, and a commitment to delivering industry-changing value to our customers.

Helpful Artificial Intelligence Creates Unique Data Insights On Any Device, At Any Time

Interested in learning more?

Want to see how EngageRM could deliver incredible experiences, create loyal, life-long fans, and reach new levels of revenue and growth for your sport or entertainment brand? Book your discovery call today.

EngageRM's Powerful Tools Provide
Proven, Fully Customizable Solutions Out-Of-The-Box


Fully integrated, with data
managed in your CRM.

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Partnerships & Suites

Deliver the perfect experience for
your premium customers.

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Fan Engagement

Build deep, meaningful and real
relationships fans love.

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Create unforgettable experiences
your fans won’t forget.

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EngageRM For Teams

Harness the power of data and analytics.

Build lifelong connections with fans and deliver best-in-class business systems across your organization.

Empower Your Team

EngageRM For Leagues

Aggregate and benchmark data in real time across your League.

Deliver and manage league-wide programs and enable extensive reporting.

League-wide Solutions

EngageRM For Venues & Arenas

Get centralised operations and intelligence on one platform, content delivery, hospitality, event management, ticketing and more.

Be Memorable

EngageRM For Organizations and Federations

Take a leadership position across your sport, deliver shared services, and set and monitor benchmarks to drive growth.

Empower Your Organization


As a Microsoft ISV, EngageRM leverages the full capability of Microsoft’s industry-leading Dataverse, including AI, machine learning, blockchain, and other next-gen technologies.

EngageRM’s industry-specific applications built inside Dynamics 365 provides our customers the ability to manage their customers, partners, and community in the most complete and intuitive platform available in the market.

Customer Insights

  • Enrich data for enhanced segmentation
  • Move directly to AdTech
  • Enhance client journeys with AI
  • Brand & Interest Affinity Scoring

Customer Service

  • Deeper client insights
  • Knowledge base articles
  • Escalation automation
  • Ability to manage investigations

Marketing Automation

  • A single source for all your data
  • Deep segmentation options
  • Visual journey builder
  • Enhanced contact single view

Microsoft AI Factory

  • Conversation Intelligence
  • Predictive Lead Scoring
  • Lead Allocation Automation
  • Sales Commission Management

Power Platform

  • Partnerships Approval Process
  • Partnerships Amend. Process
  • Partnerships Analytics
  • Corporate Sales Analytics
  • Stakeholder Segmentation


  • Ticketing & Membership
  • Fan Services
  • Premium & Corporate
  • Sponsorship
  • Community & Fundraising

Dynamics 365

  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Workflow Automation
  • Knowledge Management
  • MS Office & Teams Integration

People Are Talking About EngageRM

We’ve helped leading sports and entertainment organizations connect with their fans, provide
unforgettable live experiences, cultivate successful partnerships, and drive processes, fulfilment and automation.
Here’s what some of them say about their experience with EngageRM.

I hadn't talked to a partner in so long where I felt like we had the same vision, we had the same understanding of what this really could be, and we could work together to make it happen.

Charles Sims, Head of Technology, LA Clippers

The initial implementation process with EngageRM has resulted in a successful launch. Their constant communication provided ease-of-mind throughout the entire process and we look forward to continuing this success throughout our partnership.

Globally recognised US sports team,

We've now been using this solution consistently for well over a year. The support of the EngageRM environment has enabled us to provide our corporate clients with a superior level of service.

Melbourne Cricket Club, Rey Sumaru, GM IT Innovation, Melbourne Cricket Club.

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