The Adelaide Football Club was established in late 1990 and is one of the newer clubs to enter the AFL. Whilst the club doesn’t have the history of most AFL clubs, they are known as a leader in corporate hospitality provision and stakeholder engagement.

The initial focus for this deployment was to provide the ability to manage corporate hospitality and sponsorship clients.

The ability to manage business process from one system has enabled AFC to take control of internal processes and move forward in a transparent and streamlined way towards achieving higher conversion rates of members and corporate sponsors.

Steven Honkoop, IT Manager, Adelaide Football Club

The Challenge

The decision was made to implement a new CRM solution and with the move to a new venue, the solution had to be in place for the start of the following season – a short timeframe.

The solution would be required to remove the current manual processes and disparate systems, replacing them with a single view of all stakeholders. The solution would also need to be extendible into the future as the business evolved.

Following an exhaustive selection process, SportsRM™ was identified as the most comprehensive and extendible solution available. SportsRM™ has been built on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform and leverages the sales, marketing and customer service functionality while utilising the powerful workflow and reporting engines for automation and analysis.

The ability for users to work from their familiar MS Outlook environment while managing client interactions including sales, activity and communication along with accessing reports for the analysis of this data is providing a potent business tool for the Adelaide Crows.

The Solution

EngageRM Tick Box Dot Point IconCorporate Sales – from corporate game-day functions to club events, signage and player sponsorship the club has a large inventory for sale. SportsRM™ leverages from the core CRM platform through the sales process while allocating guests to events and accepting payments with the Securepay payment gateway. This solution includes the ability to continually revise a sales order where clients look to change from one game-day function to another.

EngageRM Tick Box Dot Point IconTalent Management – the solution allows the club to manage talent activity. For example; the use of images, player appearances and similar materials. The activity and cost allocation can then be reported to the governing AFL body, with data written directly to the required reporting template.

EngageRM Tick Box Dot Point IconSponsorship – the allocation of entitlements for sponsors can be a complex task. SportsRM™ provides the ability to profile the sponsor and then include entitlements over multiple years.

EngageRM Tick Box Dot Point IconEvents Management – the end-to-end process of managing an event is now fully automated from the corporate sale through to the allocation of seating with the use of PerfectTablePlan.

EngageRM Tick Box Dot Point IconCorporate Web Portal – the corporate sales process has now been extended to the web allowing corporate clients to purchase and pay for available assets where a function is included. This also allows users to update guest names and requirements.

EngageRM Tick Box Dot Point IconReporting – the analysis of this information is critical, and the CRM platform provides several options for reporting. Users can quickly export data from saved views to Excel or standard SportsRM™ reports to provide analysis for more complex requirements.

  The Benefits

The ability to manage all business processes from one system has enabled AFC to take control of their operations like never before. As a result, they have moved forward in a transparent and streamlined way towards achieving higher conversion rates of memberships and corporate sponsors.

With these core elements now in place, the Crows are looking to the future and extending the single view of stakeholder data now available. Integration with other third party solutions brings other systems into the single view and further enhance the user experience.

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