Here’s Why Corporate Sales Managers Choose EngageRM For Their Sports Or Entertainment Brand

EngageRM provides a simple, all-in-one CRM and marketing platform with purpose-built sales scripts, automation, ‘Sales AI’ and fulfillment systems so you can manage and grow corporate relationships and revenue faster and with much less manual effort

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Which Of These Frustrations Is Stunting Sales and Prompting You To Look For A Better Corporate Sales Solution?

Corporate sales can literally make or break a sports or entertainment business. When you have strong corporate partners, you can plan with confidence. But when corporate revenue is down, and your colleagues turn to you for answers, are you:

Constantly under pressure to meet sales targets… and looking for better ways to initiate, nurture, and convert more corporate partners and sponsors?

Frustrated by complicated, generic technology… that doesn’t give you enough (accurate) information… and wish there was quicker, easier way to see your clients’ relationship history in one, central location (in real time)?

Annoyed about missed opportunities to convert revenue relationships… and wish you had a better way to segment, automate, and personalise marketing messages to connect with new corporate markets?

Seeking ways to train and monitor your Sales team… like utilizing advanced AI tools like Conversation Intelligence to get instant feedback and turbocharge performance?

Under attack from aggressive competition… that is fragmenting corporate attention… and wish you had a more efficient way to capture and lock in sponsorships?

Looking for a simple, all-in-one marketing platform… with purpose-built sales scripts, automation, and fulfillment systems, so you can manage and grow corporate relationships and revenue?

Many Corporate Sales Managers have similar concerns. That’s why we’ve developed a Free Discovery Call to answer your questions and help you super charge your sales.



EngageRM connects organizations with their fans, enables unforgettable live experiences, cultivates successful partnerships, facilitates community engagement, and drives process, fulfilment and automation. Watch the video to learn more.
Watch the video
to learn more

How We Help Corporate Sales Managers Secure More Corporate Partners and Sponsors

Over the past 12+ years EngageRM has helped hundreds of sports and entertainment organizations understand and connect with more fans, corporate partners, and sponsors, and reach new levels of revenue and growth.

Unlike generic platforms that offer one-size-fits all features, EngageRM is developed specifically to meet the unique needs of sports and entertainment organizations.

And in contrast to most platforms that have limited capabilities (and require third-party extras that often don’t ‘play’ well together), EngageRM is a truly centralized and unified (yet deeply customizable) platform for all your data, sales, process automation, fulfillment, reporting, and marketing so you can…

  • Win the favourable attention of potential corporate partners and sponsors
  • Personalise and automate messages that turn first-time audiences into fans and life-long members
  • Get the accurate information you need (including complete client history) to confidently make decisions
  • Automate Orders, Contracts and Approval Processes while providing a complete and easily retrievable record of every transaction anywhere in the business at the click of a button
  • Access, update and share data across your entire organization in real time
  • Shorten sales cycles through efficient automation and systems designed specifically for sports & entertainment
  • More easily (and quickly) manage and grow corporate relationships and revenue

Instead of being blamed for flatling corporate sales, you’ll be the hero who brings in premium corporate partners and sponsors to transform your organization.


See Exactly How EngageRM Is Growing Sports And Entertainment Organizations Across The Globe

EngageRM is the backbone of some of the largest and most complicated sports and entertainment businesses world-wide. Take a look at these case studies to learn more.

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Is It Worth The Effort To Switch To EngageRM?

One of the most common things we hear from new customers is: “I wish we’d switched sooner.”
EngageRM is painless to onboard, easy to use, and you will start to see the benefits (including increased ticket sales and memberships) almost immediately. Picture it - while other teams, leagues, venues and organizations (perhaps your direct competition) struggle to capture attention in our fragmented, crowded marketplace, you’ll have the tools to attract, nurture and convert more corporate partners and sponsors. While others try to get multiple generic systems to work together, you’ll have all the information and processing power at your fingertips in one platform designed, built, and supported especially for sports and entertainment organizations. And while others are bogged down with their complicated, outdated, and incomplete platforms, you’ll identify and capitalise on more opportunities to manage and grow corporate relationships and revenue. This could be the secret advantage you’ve been looking for to get to the next level. Book a Discovery Call and find out what else EngageRM can do for you.

People Are Talking About EngageRM

We’ve helped leading sports and entertainment organizations connect with their fans, provide
unforgettable live experiences, cultivate successful partnerships, and drive processes, fulfilment and automation.
Here’s what some of them say about their experience with EngageRM.

I hadn't talked to a partner in so long where I felt like we had the same vision, we had the same understanding of what this really could be, and we could work together to make it happen.

Charles Sims, Head of Technology, LA Clippers

The initial implementation process with EngageRM has resulted in a successful launch. Their constant communication provided ease-of-mind throughout the entire process and we look forward to continuing this success throughout our partnership.

Globally recognised US sports team,

We've now been using this solution consistently for well over a year. The support of the EngageRM environment has enabled us to provide our corporate clients with a superior level of service.

Melbourne Cricket Club, Rey Sumaru, GM IT Innovation, Melbourne Cricket Club.

Software Systems Compared

With so much software purporting to handle your CRM, Business Automation, and Data Analytics, it can be time-consuming and confusing to compare all your options. But with your whole business on the line (marketing, operations, and even your reputation), it’s a decision you want to get right.

This table highlights just some of the game-changing differences between EngageRM and other options, so you can make an informed decision, fully aware of the important features you may be missing out on without EngageRM working for you.


Other Software Platforms

Engage RM

Features Requires a tech stack of third-party products that often don't 'play' well together All-in-one solution with no need for third-party extras (replaces an entire tech stack)
Configuration Generic software with variable configuration options Designed and supported especially for sport and entertainment organizations with flexible configuration
Underlying Technology A tech stack based on various technology attempting to work together with variable success Developed alongside Microsoft and fully compatible with all Office products
Information Access Multiple logins to retrieve and compile data from silo sources of information (time-consuming and prone to errors) with no way to get a quick overview One login gives you instant access to all your data in one central location, shared across your entire organization. Get a complete 360o view with the ability to instantly drill deeper
Transfer and Useability Difficult, time-consuming, and risky to transfer across multiple platforms that require different procedures and training Simple to transfer (fully supported by our experienced team) and easy to learn one, simple system
Reliability Relies on multiple programs all being up to date and working together Rock solid reliability with guaranteed uptime
Security Multiple logins provide numerous ‘doors’ of vulnerability One iron-clad ‘front door’ gives you total peace of mind
Price Variable depending on how many programs in your tech stack and what levels of subscription are required for the functionality you need. Critical to also factor in downtime costs (financial and otherwise). One modest subscription provides a compete all-in-one platform for all your CRM, Business Automation, and Data Analytics needs.
Value Individual software can be valuable for its limited purpose. But when teamed together as an entire tech stack, the price (and problems) goes up and the value usually goes down. Not to mention missed opportunities Slashes admin and operational costs, boosts sales (tickets, memberships, corporate partners, and sponsors) and gives you insights to capitalise on trends so you can create sell-out experiences for fans, members, and corporate partners, and lead your organization to new levels of revenue and growth.

Tired Of Compromising?

Like so many Corporate Sales Managers, are you starting to feel like it’s time to:

  • Say NO to generic platforms you have to wrestle with every day, trying to make them fit. EngageRM is fully customizable to meet your precise needs. Plus it will scale with you as you build out a fully empowered team.
  • Say NO to struggling to get different systems to work together. EngageRM does everything you want – all from one, easy, Microsoft compatible interface.
  • Say NO to guessing because you can’t get the info you need. EngageRM lets you access, update, and analyse data (in real time) across your entire organization so you have the info you need to plan confidently.

EngageRM is the secret advantage used by the biggest sports and entertainment organizations in the world. Won’t you invest 30 minutes to see what it can do to help you sell out stadiums, boost membership, and achieve all-year financial stability?

This Is Your Next Step To A More Powerful, All-In-One, Sales Automation, Data and CRM Solution

It’s quick and easy to find out more with a Free, no-obligation Discovery Session with an EngageRM sports and entertainment specialist. Here’s what you can expect:
  • You will get a crystal-clear picture of where you are right now including current frustrations, inefficiencies, risks, and missed opportunities across your organization
  • You will see what other organizations are achieving and begin to investigate where you’d like to be in terms of attracting, nurturing, and converting corporate partners, and sponsors
  • You’ll discover common mistakes that cost organizations millions in missed corporate revenue and needless expenses (and how to avoid these costly missteps)
  • You’ll identify obstacles that may hinder you from reaching your corporate sales potential (and what you can do to break through these barriers)
  • You’ll explore specific ways EngageRM can help you with purpose-built sales scripts, automation, and fulfillment systems, so you can manage and grow corporate relationships and revenue?

This will not be a thinly disguised sales presentation. Instead, you will receive our best personalized advice from EngageRM experts who have years of experience helping sports and entertainment businesses grow and succeed.

Naturally, you can learn from our experience and implement some of our ideas yourself (we’re happy to help in this way). But we hope to provide so much value that you see the logical benefits in joining other top sports and entertainment leaders as EngageRM clients.

In any case, you have nothing to lose. And so, we look forward to meeting you for your no-obligation Discovery Call.

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