League-wide Data, Analytics And Insights Delivered Centrally

The biggest differentiator for any league operating around the world is now technology and media. Geographical location, size, revenue or season no longer restricts what is possible for any league. SportsRM delivers deep capability across all aspects of league and team operations. From ticketing, partnerships, sales, membership, suites / VIP & hospitality and marketing automation, you have full visibility and control. With extensive data management & league-wide reporting and analytics, your destiny is once again within your control



Team benchmarking

By utilising the SportsRM platform and Microsoft Dynamics, you can aggregate and benchmark data in real time across the league. Surface the data in more than 15 out-of-the-box dashboards across all levels of the organisation to inform decision making and ensure compliance. Deliver league-wide community programs, volunteer management, grants management, youth services, membership, event management and customer service.

Sell and manage centralised assets across the league…

Identify every asset across the league and every team and track the sale. Direct integration to the finance system, simple rollovers and the ability to sell and manage digital assets from the CRM delivers unprecedented capability across partnerships. Customizable sales scripts and conversational intelligence brings analysis of sales conversations, ensuring consistency in delivery of products and messaging.

…in hours, not days or weeks!

Selling assets in the post season and finals can be a nightmare. SportsRM’s automated RSVP process and payment system delivers results in minutes instead of days and weeks. Automated fulfilment processes mean invoices are paid on offer acceptance and no-one has to chase up bills for months afterwards. Our clients can sell their venue within 24 hours and have the money in the bank to prove it!

Use data to understand your audience

Centralise data and insights without having multiple stage gates and siloed storage, for a deeper understanding of your entire audience. By utilising Microsoft’s customer data platform (CDP) and customer experience layer (CXP), leagues now have unprecedented ability to gather millions of data points and turn them into meaningful insights. Understand trends, identify opportunities and oversee entire ecosystem of the league.

Understand Your Audience

Centralise your data for unique insights that lead to better decisions.


More solutions

Our repeatable and fully customisable solution means SportsRM can be operating across an entire league quickly and effectively. Learn more…