The Best Experience For Corporate Partners

An exciting in-venue experience is what makes sport great. Ensure that your partners leave the game with memories that last.


Sell And Deliver Premium Inventory

Empower your sales team with a comprehensive lead management and sales process to sell premium inventory including suites, club seats and other high-end benefits that drive revenue. Build assets and send tickets direct to your partners, tracking delivery, forecasting and pipeline management. Use customisable portals, allowing VIP guests to allocate and manage tickets, order and update catering and keep track of charge cards.


With integrations to the leading ticketing vendors globally, we ensure that you have full visibility across all aspects of the ticketing journey. Control ticket management and delivery processes using barcodes from your ticketing vendor – or generate these yourself for non-manifested events.  Track ticket usage & attendance from partners and record split tickets. The CRM captures it all and makes it usable with EngageRM’s extensive reporting features.

Get The Data You Need

After delivering an outstanding experience, you want the data in your CRM to follow up and chase down new leads. Find out how.
Manage Partner digital assets right from the CRM

Digital assets are bringing new revenue streams to sports. Sell, manage and deliver field of play signage, televisions, advertising and in-suite media from EngageRM. No more spreadsheets and stand-alone systems! Our integration with Cisco Stadium Vision means you can report on key metrics, saving hours of time and frustration while delivering an exceptional experience to your partners.

Corporate hospitality

Be famous for your Corporate Hospitality with our event and guest management process. Welcome partners and their guests with the event check-in app, capturing information of potential new fans and partners. Manage credit and charge cards, integrated with Finance and Operations.  Portals allow partners to order food and beverage, invite guests and record the data in EngageRM. Integrate directly to Perfect Table Plan to shorten the planning process for guest allocation and ensure a seamless experience for your clients.

Simplified approval processes

Utilising the extensive AI capability within Microsofts Power Platform, EngageRM enables deal approval processes at the click of a button. Multiple approval levels can be handled simply and quickly without extensive human interaction to slow down the process. The result is a much faster timeline and the knowledge that each deal is being approved correctly. Avoid verbal approvals and ensure a full paper trail for financial reconciliation and audit purposes. Partners will love you for it!

We’ve now been using the solution for 12 months. The support of the EngageRM environment has enabled the MCG to provide our corporate clients with an enhanced level of service.

Rey Sumaru, GM IT & Innovation, Melbourne Cricket Club

More solutions

EngageRM allows you to run operations from one platform, with content delivery, hospitality, event management, ticketing and more, while surfacing detailed reporting and analytics across the business. Find out more:

Deliver Lasting Memories

It's time to change the in-stadium experience for your fans, partners and suite holders.

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