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Which Of These Frustrations Is Slowing Innovation and Prompting You To Look For A Purpose Built Business Automation And CRM Solution?

The way you use the technology stack, CRM and data environment can literally make or break a high functioning sports and entertainment business. When technology works together as it should, everybody is happy. But when your environment is not optimised and people turn to you for answers, are you:

Concerned that your data is not really centralised with information still stored in multiple locations and ‘automated reporting’ that takes much longer that it should?

Worried about building more features and functionality on a platform that you thought was going to do it all, without a real roadmap and the funds from the business to do it… and wish you had an easy way to capitalise on the latest data, AI and machine learning capability?

Secretly losing sleep because you just don’t have the team to avoid. an embarrassing platform mishap that could put you in the news for the wrong reasons… and want a purpose-built, robust system that can tie operations together seamlessly?

Frustrated by inefficient, non-customized features that don’t make the best use of the advantages you do have… and wish you could access, update, and analyse data in one, central location (in real time), so you can plan with confidence?

Constantly under pressure to deliver more with less… and looking for a better way to monitor and report results so you can show stakeholders what’s really happening?

Under attack from aggressive competition that seems like they have it all together… and wish you had a more efficient way to capture and lock in loyalty (and sales)?

Concerned about how COVID has thrown plans into turmoil… and need to find new ways of connecting with your audience and ensuring you’re still relevant?

Looking for a more robust, all-in-one platform designed specifically to help sports and entertainment organizations deliver faster, easier and higher quality results quickly and easily so you can give your entire team the stability and competitive advantage to thrive?

Many organizations have seen a better way forward. That’s why we’ve developed a free Discovery Call to answer your questions and help you reach new levels of revenue and growth.

How We Eliminate Data Siloes
Through Leveraging Every Part Of Microsoft’s Powerful Dataverse And End-To-End Functionality

EngageRM is the #1 Microsoft ISV (Independent Software Vendor) in Sports & Entertainment. Our platform extends the power of Microsoft Dynamics 365, delivering wide, deep and fully integrated solutions for every aspect of your operations.

Unlike other solutions that cobble different tech and CRM’s together, we ONLY utilize the power of Microsoft and Dynamics365. Every part of the Microsoft stack is natively aligned (including features you probably use now such as Outlook, Teams, Office) and you can benefit from the Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and Machine Learning functionality of the world’s most utilized technology.

Because we work exclusively with Dynamics365 and focus only on sports and entertainment, we cover every aspect of operations. We can replace most – if not all – of your multiple add-ons and ’purpose built’ code. Using EngageRM means that you…

  • Have access to hundreds of automations and processes that all work together seamlessly, without the challenges of having to add your own features
  • Never have to build code that takes months to deliver and test (and may not work properly anyway)
  • Have full native integration with every part of Microsoft
  • Can utilize two-way integration with the leading Finance software
  • Will always have easy access to the latest product version and never be ‘left behind’ when new integrations are required
  • Can scale from 1 User to Hundreds (or Thousands) seamlessly and with full confidence that everything will work
  • Always have real time access to 20+ out-of-the-box reports built specifically for every part of your sports and entertainment business
  • Avoid projects being delayed or canceled because money is ‘frittered away’ on athletes and performers, while game-changing technology is left on the shelf (we’ll show you how to prove and deliver ROI)
  • Use the same solutions that the world’s best sports and entertainment organizations use every day to deliver superior results and more revenue

Engage RM

Our Entire Methodology And Approach Is Built On Extensive Practical Knowledge Working In And With Sports And Entertainment Businesses.

The founders and key leaders at EngageRM have direct personal experience operating and working in sports and entertainment, prior to joining the business. We’ve been ‘knee deep’ in every aspect of ticket sales, partnerships, corporate sales, community, facilities bookings, functions and events, hospitality and much, much more.

Many of our staff come directly from the industry or are former EngageRM users. We live and breathe the detail and have a deep and passionate approach to lifting standards and capability across the entire industry. You benefit from every ounce of that experience!

Get A Solution Specifically Designed For Sports and Entertainment Businesses

We’ve spent over 12 years and 60,000 hours building a platform that will open the doors to what is truly possible in your organization. Unlike CRM’s that don’t natively integrate and use various data warehouses, EngageRM is developed specifically to meet the unique advantages of Sports and Entertainment environments.

How We Deliver Exceptional Benefits To Our Clients

We seamlessly plug in extensive new capability that you’ve been wanting for years, all in a matter of weeks. Here’s why it works so well…

Global Microsoft Partnership

In 2019, Microsoft invited EngageRM to be one of only 5 Partners globally to be part of their new ISV Top-Tier Co-Sell program. As a result, we have direct access to the Microsoft Engineering, AI and Innovation teams that are building the next wave of technology for release. EngageRM has access to this before anyone else, sometimes up to 12 months in advance. Our clients benefit by becoming the first in the world to use new tech that others don’t even know about!

The Deepest Solution Available For Sports & Entertainment

Technologists and Analysts at EngageRM ‘geek out’ on finding new ways to use the ever-expanding capability of the Microsoft stack. It’s not easy to keep up with everything that the world’s largest software provider delivers! As a result, we don’t work with other CRM’s – it is just not possible to configure a world-class product that works like EngageRM unless you have laser-like focus! Applying this knowledge only to sports and entertainment means you can deliver exceptional results.

Move Confidently With Experienced And Understanding Experts

This is not our first Rodeo… we will take the time and care needed to ensure your move to EngageRM is a success. We understand that a transformation like this can be stressful and full of concerns along the way. We’re used to helping with people who may be resisting change or worried about what this powerful upgrade means for them. One of the biggest stress relievers for our new clients is being able to move at their own pace while not having to put up with systems not specifically designed to meet their exact needs. They can just get on with using a world-class platform that grows with them!

Unlimited Integration To Other Solutions You Want To Keep

You should own and have access to every piece of data you need. Where you have an existing solution that works well, we will bring the data across to the EngageRM environment. This means you can on-board your team step-by-step if you need to, giving people the confidence they need to work effectively.

Instead of spending hours undertaking processes that could be automated and being blamed for tech that has not been customized, you’ll be the hero that brings the best business automation, data integration and reporting to your organization.


See Exactly How EngageRM Is Growing Sports And Entertainment Organizations Across The Globe

EngageRM is the backbone of some of the largest and most complicated sports and entertainment businesses world-wide. Take a look at these case studies to learn more.

Catch Up With The Latest News
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Tired Of Compromising?

Is your CRM system starting to make you feel like it’s time to:

  • Say NO to random, un-customized functionality you have to wrestle with every day, trying to make it fit. EngageRM is built to meet your precise needs and will be customized by our experienced implementation team based on your exact requirements. Plus it is fully scalable and will grow with you.
  • Say NO to struggling to get different systems to work together. EngageRM does everything you want – all from one, easy ecosystem that can easily ingest data and report across the business.
  • Say NO to guessing because you can’t get the info you need. EngageRM lets you access, update, and analyse data (in real time) and has a team of experts who live and breathe sports and entertainment.

EngageRM is the secret advantage used by the biggest sports and entertainment organizations in the world. Won’t you invest 30 minutes to see what it can do to help you sell out stadiums, boost membership, and achieve all-year financial stability?

People Are Talking About EngageRM

We’ve helped leading sports and entertainment organizations connect with their fans, provide
unforgettable live experiences, cultivate successful partnerships, and drive processes, fulfilment and automation.
Here’s what some of them say about their experience with EngageRM.

I hadn't talked to a partner in so long where I felt like we had the same vision, we had the same understanding of what this really could be, and we could work together to make it happen.

Charles Sims, Head of Technology, LA Clippers

The initial implementation process with EngageRM has resulted in a successful launch. Their constant communication provided ease-of-mind throughout the entire process and we look forward to continuing this success throughout our partnership.

Globally recognised US sports team,

We've now been using this solution consistently for well over a year. The support of the EngageRM environment has enabled us to provide our corporate clients with a superior level of service.

Melbourne Cricket Club, Rey Sumaru, GM IT Innovation, Melbourne Cricket Club.

Is It Worth The Effort To Switch To EngageRM?

One of the most common things we hear from generic CRM users is: “I never knew it was possible to do so much in a CRM system.”
EngageRM is painless to onboard, easy to use, and you will start to see the benefits (including significantly increased use of your CRM and automation tools) almost immediately. Picture it - you will have full access to the market-leading capability of Microsoft’s massive Engineering, AI and Innovation Teams. You’ll have the tools to attract, nurture and convert opportunities into hard numbers from Day 1. While others continue to leak profits through inefficient data collection and processing not specialized for sport and entertainment, you will save hours of reporting and slash costly admin errors. And while other organizations struggle trying to get multiple generic systems to work together, you’ll have all the information and processing power at your fingertips in one Microsoft-based platform designed, built, and supported especially for your organization. This could be the secret advantage you’ve been looking for. Book a Discovery Call and find out what else EngageRM can do for you.

This Is Your Next Step To A Better Business Automation, Data and CRM Solution

It’s quick and easy to find out more with a Free, no-obligation Discovery Call with an EngageRM sports and entertainment specialist. Here’s what you can expect:
  • You will get a crystal-clear picture of where you are right now including current frustrations, inefficiencies, risks, and missed opportunities across your organization
  • You will see what other organizations are achieving and begin to investigate where you’d like to be in terms of fully utilizing the power of the ecosystem you already have in place and turbocharging your entire workforce
  • You’ll discover common mistakes that people don’t understand, can’t see (or ignore) and then be shown how to avoid these costly missteps
  • You’ll identify obstacles that may hinder you from achieving and managing the growth your organization wants (and what you can do to break through these barriers)
  • You’ll explore specific ways EngageRM can deliver significantly increased functionality, automate existing processes and drive you ahead of your competitors with the most powerful technology available in the world today

This will not be a thinly disguised sales presentation. Instead, you’ll speak to experts who understand (and have lived through) your challenges and who are passionate about technology. You will receive our best personalized advice based on years of experience helping sports and entertainment organizations.

Naturally, you will learn from us and be able to implement some of our ideas yourself (we’re happy to help in this way). But we hope to provide so much value that you see the logical benefits in joining other innovative leaders as an EngageRM customer.

In any case, you have nothing to lose. And so, we look forward to meeting you for your no-obligation Discovery Call.

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