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EngageRM expands client focus with international experience
21 September 2021

EngageRM is excited to announce the growth of their Professional Services team, with Serena Galvez joining as a Senior Consultant…

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Adelaide 36ers engage with their fans
03 September 2021

  Just as the Australian NBL season is concluding, EngageRM’s partnership with the Adelaide 36ers is about to fire up…

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EngageRM expands into Europe with new UK office
23 July 2021

EngageRM has taken the significant step of expanding its operations into Europe by opening a new office in the UK…

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Warrnambool Racing Club join EngageRM
18 June 2021

   Warrnambool & EngageRM Recently, EngageRM welcomed aboard the Warrnambool Racing Club (WRC). As our first client in the..

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Helping the Bears help their community
06 January 2021

Heading into Christmas 2020 after one of the most challenging years the world – and sport – has ever seen,..

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conversation intelligence
Conversation Intelligence Use Cases
11 December 2020

Now that the world ‘lives online’ more data is being shared than ever before. Anyone can find out pretty much..

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COVID Courtesy with Microsoft Teams…
24 November 2020

When you work with smart people, you get exposed to perspectives you would not otherwise see. I find that motivating..

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Coming out of COVID
20 November 2020

Pretty much everyone in sport is asking themselves this question: ‘How do I come out of COVID…?’ The smart ones..

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Get Real Insights Fast with CI
13 November 2020

Conversational Intelligence (or ‘CI’), is an area of Artificial Intelligence that is far more advanced than many people realise. It allows any..

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