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Helping the Bears help their community
06 January 2021

Heading into Christmas 2020 after one of the most challenging years the world – and sport – has ever seen,..

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conversation intelligence
Conversation Intelligence Use Cases
11 December 2020

Now that the world ‘lives online’ more data is being shared than ever before. Anyone can find out pretty much..

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COVID Courtesy with Microsoft Teams…
24 November 2020

When you work with smart people, you get exposed to perspectives you would not otherwise see. I find that motivating..

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Coming out of COVID
20 November 2020

Pretty much everyone in sport is asking themselves this question: ‘How do I come out of COVID…?’ The smart ones..

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Get Real Insights Fast with CI
13 November 2020

Conversational Intelligence (or ‘CI’), is an area of Artificial Intelligence that is far more advanced than many people realise. It allows any..

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Driving Higher Efficiency And Lower Cost With AI
02 November 2020

Finding ways to do more and achieve better outcomes with less people and resources has never been more relevant. Over..

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All-Star Recruits Join EngageRM
02 November 2020

Since COVID started, EngageRM has nearly doubled the size of its staff. Sports industry veteran Nick Zanotto is heading the..

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Conversational Intelligence
30 October 2020

Learning from the collective insights of conversations that are conducted within a business has long been the desire of organisations..

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The SportsRM Journey
19 October 2020

Brett Yorgey founded EngageRM, then known as Jaythom, over 20 years ago. Since 2003, when the business became a Microsoft..

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