What are customer insights and how do they work?

Traditionally, customer insights refers to information that you gather about prospects you want to sell to or engage within your organisation. This enables more compelling conversations, because you understand and know more about your prospective customer.

In the digital age, customer insights have been turbocharged using Dynamics365. To manage the information that delivers customer insights, we use a customer data platform (CDP) to unlock these insights and drive personalised customer experiences.

What is a CDP and how does it work?

In simple terms, a CDP is a repository for data that comes from a wide range of sources and allows you to build a true 360° view of customers in real-time. This information can come from a variety of places including website visits, device tracking, portal logins, customer transactions, social interaction and more. The CDP brings together transactional, behavioural and demographic data with pre-built connectors. This creates up-to-date profiles for contacts and accounts that can be surfaced in your CRM. Utilising artificial intelligence, you can set rules that will bring different data points together based on the probability that they belong to the same person. Over time, these predictors become more accurate giving you greater visibility over your true customer environment.


Real-time insights that drive customer journeys

Today’s sports fan is at the centre of every sports organisation. Allow your marketing, sales and service teams to have the real-time insights they need to personalise engagement with your fan base across all of their touch points:

Marketing. Personalised campaigns and engagement to retain and gain customers.
Sales. Have better conversations and recommend products that best fit your customers.
Customer service. Provide the best possible service to your fan base and partners by understanding their situation and increasing customer loyalty.


Ensure security and privacy with Azure

SportsRM uses Microsoft’s Azure platform to build the CDP and manage data. This ensures adherence to stringent compliance requirements for the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), with built-in privacy and security, while keeping your data safe and under your ownership. Microsoft is now recognised as a global leader in this space and SportsRM leverages this capability to deliver best-in-class outcomes for our clients.


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