Transform Your Federation From Grassroots To Elite

Sports Federations that have efficient and transparent business systems are adapting and starting to thrive with the challenges of 2020. Those who don’t are being left behind. The biggest impact on recovery will be a re-engagement with future customers, stakeholders, commercial partners and participants. There’s never been a better time for Federations to transform…


Membership and customer engagement

SportsRM brings membership to a new level and allows deep visibility, control of data and a wide range of out-of-the-box features. This includes events and guest management,  including ticketing and our Checkin App for functions and activities. Membership can be used across school programs, academy programs and utilised for community engagement. An inbuilt survey platform allows you to get detailed feedback from your participant base, analyse the data and have it stored directly in the CRM against the contact record.

Customisable portals linked directly to CRM included...

Create community, member, corporate and other portals simply and easily, fully customizable with all data stored directly in the CRM. Create and allocate school and community camps, check in attendees, deliver tickets & benefits and allow for parent sign-off. SportsRM portals provide extensive functionality that will automate and simplify your operations saving time, money and frustration.

Do more with less and improve service levels

SportsRM allows you to do far more with less people and resources than you thought possible. Extensive capability across all areas of your operations – manage volunteers and grants, membership, ticketing, case management and more. Book and deliver consulting and mentoring services. Extensive customer service capability and marketing communications to ensure that your community is always informed and connected.

Explore better solutions

Sport is now a major global industry. Federations have many challenges, but there is unprecedented opportunity to thrive with a customisable and fully integrated solution. Learn more:

Re-engage With Members And Participants

Use technology to ensure you communicate and connect with those that love your sport.

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