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Discover how AI and machine learning helps sports and entertainment organisations deliver incredible experiences

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AI and Machine Learning provides incredible benefits to sports and entertainment organisations

Inside this exciting whitepaper you will discover:

  • An introduction to artificial intelligence (“AI”) and machine learning (“ML”).
  • The six ways AI and ML are used in the sports and entertainment industry to deliver incredible experiences, create loyal, life-long fans, and reach new levels of revenue and growth
  • A business technology framework for the sports and entertainment industry, and how it can be used to create a competitive advantage
  • Three key ingredients all successful sports and entertainment organisations need if they want to successfully adopt AI and Machine Learning (and grow faster than ever before)
  • A snapshot of today’s technology landscape in sports and entertainment (so you get a better understanding of what your competitors may be up to)
  • A case study of the LA Clippers, and their journey (and success) using AI and Machine Learning
  • 32 ways technology powered by AI and Machine Learning can skyrocket the efficiency and success of your sports and entertainment organisation
  • And more

This is some of our best strategic and tactical knowledge woven into one value-packed document. It will be sent to your email inbox immediately.

People Are Talking About EngageRM

We’ve helped leading sports and entertainment organizations connect with their fans, provide
unforgettable live experiences, cultivate successful partnerships, and drive processes, fulfilment and automation.
Here’s what some of them say about their experience with EngageRM.

I hadn't talked to a partner in so long where I felt like we had the same vision, we had the same understanding of what this really could be, and we could work together to make it happen.

Charles Sims, Head of Technology, LA Clippers

The initial implementation process with EngageRM has resulted in a successful launch. Their constant communication provided ease-of-mind throughout the entire process and we look forward to continuing this success throughout our partnership.

Globally recognised US sports team,

We've now been using this solution consistently for well over a year. The support of the EngageRM environment has enabled us to provide our corporate clients with a superior level of service.

Melbourne Cricket Club, Rey Sumaru, GM IT Innovation, Melbourne Cricket Club.

About The Author, Ned Coten

Ned Coten is the CEO of EngageRM. He is a former athlete and sports management leader and the immediate past President of Basketball Australia, while continuing to sit on the Competitions Commission of basketball’s world body, FIBA. Ned Chairs the Advisory Board for The Contenders, one of Australia’s leading brand strategy agencies and owns and operates two successful self-storage businesses. He has investments in Aged Care, Property and Technology, while continuing as an active mentor for aspiring business leaders.

Ned has extensive experience in leadership, sports management, consumer branding, sales and marketing. He is a former CEO of a number of Australia’s leading sports organisations and has operated multiple businesses as a CEO, Investor, Board Chair or Director over the past 30 years. Ned holds an MBA from the University of NSW and has written a book on branding and marketing for sport.

While attending the Australian Institute of Sport, Ned represented Australia at the 1983 World Junior Basketball Championships in Spain. He had a brief career in the National Basketball League and co-founded the Goldfields Giants in WA’s State Basketball League. He holds relationships across sport and business within Australia and globally and remains a passionate and committed volunteer, with continuous service throughout his life.

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