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Here’s what you can expect when you request a free, no-obligation Discovery Session with an EngageRM sport and entertainment specialist:
  1. You will get a crystal-clear picture of where you are right now including current frustrations, inefficiencies, risks, and missed opportunities across your organization
  2. You will see what other organizations are achieving and begin to investigate where you’d like to be in terms of attracting, nurturing, and converting new fans and members, increasing ticket sales, slashing admin, growing revenue, and pioneering new opportunities to lead your industry
  3. You’ll discover common mistakes that cost organizations millions in missed ticket revenue and needless expenses (and how to avoid these costly missteps)
  4. You’ll identify obstacles that may hinder you from achieving and managing the growth your organization wants (and what you can do to break through these barriers)
  5. You’ll explore specific ways EngageRM can help you and your organization sell more tickets, multiply membership, and give your partners, players, and entire team the financial stability and competitive advantage to thrive
  6. You will receive personalized advice from an EngageRM expert with years of experience in delivering results for sports and entertainment organizations

We’re looking forward to having a detailed discussion with you. Click the button to book your Discovery Call.



EngageRM connects organizations with their fans, enables unforgettable live experiences, cultivates successful partnerships, facilitates community engagement, and drives process, fulfilment and automation. Watch the video to learn more.
Watch the video
to learn more

People Are Talking About EngageRM

We’ve helped leading sports and entertainment organizations connect with their fans, provide
unforgettable live experiences, cultivate successful partnerships, and drive processes, fulfilment and automation.
Here’s what some of them say about their experience with EngageRM.

I hadn't talked to a partner in so long where I felt like we had the same vision, we had the same understanding of what this really could be, and we could work together to make it happen.

Charles Sims, Head of Technology, LA Clippers

The initial implementation process with EngageRM has resulted in a successful launch. Their constant communication provided ease-of-mind throughout the entire process and we look forward to continuing this success throughout our partnership.

Globally recognised US sports team,

We've now been using this solution consistently for well over a year. The support of the SportsRM environment has enabled us to provide our corporate clients with a superior level of service.

Melbourne Cricket Club, Rey Sumaru, GM IT Innovation, Melbourne Cricket Club.

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