Founded in 1838 and assuming occupancy of the present MCG site in 1853, the MCC has more than 103,000 members and a waiting list of over 230,000, making it the biggest sporting club membership within Australia. The MCC manages the stadium and has progressively expanded the MCG’s role as an entertainment centre and a world-class tourist destination. The MCG now hosts more than 90 days of events, largely cricket and football each year, with attendance exceeding 2.5 million people annually.

The MCG is one of Australia’s greatest assets. As Australia’s most attended sports and entertainment stadium, the MCG is a multipurpose venue accommodating International Cricket, Australian Rules Football, concerts, dinners, and other major functions on its natural turf arena and in the surrounding purpose-built facilities.

The support of the EngageRM environment has enabled the MCG to provide our corporate clients with an enhanced level of service.

Rey Sumaru, GM IT & Innovation, Melbourne Cricket Club

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Find out more in this case study about the Melbourne Cricket Ground, one the world’s iconic stadiums.


The Challenge

The MCC had several manual processes related to the management of food & beverage and ticketing of the corporate suites. These manual processes not only required additional resource allocation but added the risk of mistakes due to the way data was entered and moved from one area to another.


The Solution

EngageRM has provided the ability for the MCC to know which clients are purchasing food & beverages, allocating tickets only or closing their suite for individual events.
The solution then automates processes with the single entry of a sales order that provides access for clients to manage their pre-event purchase of food & beverage along with the allocation of ticketing from the corporate portal.

EngageRM Tick Box Dot Point IconAlerts are automatically sent to clients where they have not completed their purchase for individual events they’re attending.

EngageRM Tick Box Dot Point IconThe menu is managed in EngageRM, for each event providing clients with the ability to purchase their packages along with additional food and beverage items from the portal, the solution provides the flexibility for MCC staff to update menus.

EngageRM Tick Box Dot Point IconClients can request stewards for their suite and at a cut-off date set by the MCC, the advanced day orders are automatically sent to Epicure.

EngageRM Tick Box Dot Point IconCorporate suite invoices are extracted to a file that is delivered to SUN Finance for processing.


  The Benefits

The ability for clients to access the portal and allocate, resend or cancel tickets for their guests has removed not only a number of manual processes but also the cost and delays related to printing and distributing tickets.

EngageRM leverages the core Dynamics CRM platform for stakeholder management, sales orders through to invoicing and payments, ensures real security in our investment, and provides the business with a future proof solution.

Staff, suite-holders and clients can now interact seamlessly, saving time and frustration. Other areas of the business have the confidence that information about these critical areas of operation is accurate, comprehensive and up to date.


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