Nearly every organisation we speak to has one of more of these fundamental challenges with their data:

1. Its stored in numerous third party locations

2. Its often hard to access

3. Worst of all, there’s a “break fee” if they want to take their data somewhere else

In the rush to ensure that the latest technology is being utilised, the strategy behind how it is managed and implemented is often brushed over, if it is considered at all.

In many cases, prospects tell us that each area within their organisation has ‘done their own thing’ to solve problems specific to them. While this may give them a ‘sugar hit’, it invariably leads to significant problems that cause confusion, duplicate records and sometimes mounting costs that cannot easily be overcome.

Even large and sophisticated organisations often have a version of these problems, with legacy systems that are hard to track despite a dedicated technology team.


EngageRM & Data

EngageRM believes in transparency and an open environment when it comes to data:

You own the data.
Stored in your own facility.
Always accessible direct from CRM.
No ‘access’ or ‘break’ fees.


With EngageRM, all your data is, or can be, stored in your own Azure data lake. It surfaces directly to the CRM and the EngageRM platform, allowing you to have the information you need when you need it.  No waiting for reports, .csv files or other roadblocks – just the information you need when you need it.

Best of all, this is your data that you own. If you decide to leave us for any reason, there’s no ‘break fee’. Just take your data and use it as you want. Every time EngageRM improves or develops new platform features, these are available to you. There’s no additional costs and your data remain accessible 24 / 7 / 365.


If you’re tired of data issues, talk to us!