It has been a transformational year for EngageRM – and it’s not finished yet.

This week in Manchester, as sponsors of the industry-leading gatherings, TheStadiumBusiness Summit and TheTicketingBusiness Forum, the EngageRM team has had the chance to connect with stadium and venue executives, clubs and rights-holders.

It has been an opportunity to spread the word about the growing momentum behind the business and a game-changing platform that is helping to drive engagement and unprecedented levels of interest across the world of sports and entertainment.

As we look forward to a New Year full of opportunities, here are just some of our highlights of 2021:


Breaking into new markets

From building solid foundations in North America to exploring new horizons in Europe, EngageRM has spread its wings beyond its Australian base in 2021.

“We have been able to establish the business in the US and create a really strong platform for growth in the UK via our partnership with Co-op Live,” EngageRM CEO Ned Coten says. “We want to focus on growing aggressively, but strategically in both of those markets, and we see the US and Europe as critical for us.

“We have also found real momentum on the back of our partnerships. With any business that goes into a new market, it is important to build credibility, and we have been fortunate that the clients we have worked with have captured people’s attention.”

Nick Zanotto, VP, North America Development, adds: “Over the course of 2021 we have significantly progressed our presence in North America. We are extremely pleased with how our solution has been received and are excited for what is ahead in 2022.”


Big client wins

Co-op Live, which will open in 2023, will set a new benchmark for the live experience in the UK. However, there have also been other major client wins across the globe in 2021, with the likes of the LA Lakers signing up and the LA Clippers expanding their relationship with EngageRM.

“We have also increased our presence across venues and stadiums in Australia,” EngageRM Commercial Director Tim Barber adds. “A highlight was our recent partnership with one of the largest stadium operators in Australia, but we have also entered the horseracing market with two clubs in Melbourne, and we are now working with half of the country’s NBL basketball teams.

“Additionally, there are some great discussions taking place, not just with teams and venues, but also with federations, events and leagues across the world.”

EngageRM Founder Brett Yorgey says: “We have made considerable progress with National Sports Organizations and State Sports Organizations over the past year, and we will continue to grow in that space.”


Enhancing the product offering

EngageRM’s data-driven intelligence platform is built on Microsoft Dynamics 365, while EngageRM is also a global partner of Microsoft’s co-sell program and an independent software vendor for the technology giant.

These close ties with Microsoft have driven unprecedented opportunities, with special access to Microsoft’s engineering teams, as well as new technological innovations some six to 12 months before the wider market.

“The rate at which Microsoft’s suite of applications have continued to evolve has given us the impetus to grow our product. For example, there have been major enhancements surrounding offerings in customer experience, membership and ticketing,” Yorgey says.

Coten adds: “In our industry there is a greater focus on tech than there has ever been before, and we are incredibly well placed to deliver success with our omnichannel solution that provides a single source of truth for data and process. It’s an exciting position to be in.”


A capital raise to fuel future growth

A game-changing capital raise in 2021 will help to fuel EngageRM’s expansion plans in 2022 and beyond.

Gandel Invest, led by father and son duo Tony and Adam Gandel, snapped up half of the offering, with EngageRM set to benefit further from new board member Adam Gandel’s considerable experience.

“They are an incredibly well known and respected Australian business and investment family who are highly regarded worldwide. We could not have wished for a better strategic partner,” Coten says.

“A number of our staff also independently approached me to ask about participating in the capital raise, which is an incredible demonstration of their belief in what we are trying to achieve and their commitment to the future success of the business.”


Bringing in passionate new talent

EngageRM’s staff headcount has tripled since the start of 2020, illustrating the rapid growth of the business.

But the recruitment drive has been about quality rather than quantity, with knowledgeable and experienced talents bolstering the ranks with their passion for the business’ concept, product and vision.

Key hires in recent times have included the likes of Wayne Scott, Head of Professional Services; Europe-based Customer Experience Manager Alex Stasyszyn; and Cassandra Calleja, Head of Customer Success.

“We’ve made a decision as an organisation to invest significantly in people,” Coten says. “We’re actively hiring in sales, professional services and implementation roles, as well as customer success. The business has grown considerably over the past 18 months and it will continue to grow significantly over the next 18 months.”


A renewed focus on sustainability and diversity

Sustainability and diversity have become essential pillars within EngageRM’s culture and business activities in 2021, and the importance of these two key drivers for positive change has been underlined during TheStadiumBusiness Summit and TheTicketingBusiness Forum.

“These are recurring and increasingly prominent themes in our industry – a fact that has been reinforced by our conversations with other organizations in Manchester this week,” Coten says.

“The world is changing and, as a business, we believe we have a crucial role to play. Sustainability and diversity will become even more important in underpinning our outlook, operations and strategies as we look ahead to 2022 and the coming years.”


What will 2022 bring? Get in touch to find out more.

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