Heading into Christmas 2020 after one of the most challenging years the world – and sport – has ever seen, we were fortunate to be able to give something back.

While for many people COVID brought new challenges, it simply compounded them for disadvantaged sections of the community. The Chicago Bears decided to do something that would support those less fortunate and EngageRM was able to jump in and help.

Working with the Bears Vice President of Information Technology, Justin Stahl and the team from Target Area, we were able to help deliver a strong community program and ensure that the relevant data could be collected and analysed to make improvements. The program will help communities effected by gun violence and those who face other critical challenges including job loss, eviction, food insecurity and staying safe during the pandemic.

Here’s the full article from the Chicago Bears website. 

If your organisation is seeking to help the local community, raise awareness and make a difference through sport, please speak to us about how we can help.

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