Now that the world ‘lives online’ more data is being shared than ever before. Anyone can find out pretty much anything they want to, almost instantly. We are swimming in a pool of endless information that is unprecedented.

The challenge is how we use this effectively to drive decisions, build engagement and increase revenue (and hopefully profit…).

Increasingly, Conversation Intelligence (CI) can provide a lot of the answers – this technology is no longer science fiction and is now working very effectively for organisations using SportsRM.

We recently got into the detail with Erez Altus, Senior Product Manager at Microsoft, who has lead the development of CI from his base in Israel. Erez and his team have made big steps in 2020 and you will enjoy these insights into how the technology has evolved and what it is used for.

Here is the interview we recently held to understand whats currently possible with CI:


If you just want to topline overview, here is a shorter 3 minute version to give you a taste of whats coming…



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