Training and support that keeps you operational 24/7

EngageRM provides a comprehensive training and support environment that includes ongoing access to tutorials, how-to’s, and live meetings with staff, to step users through processes as needed.


The most effective training protocol for our products within any organisation is following a systematic, step-by step process through user/department scenarios.  This can be achieved via a train-the-trainer approach, or as a user collective session.

In our experience, training initiatives that stand alone (one-off events) often fail to meet organisational objectives and participant expectations.  Therefore, we encourage an ongoing, training methodology that will provide users with training over a period of time to ensure all aspects of the system are utilised, embedded and benefited from.

The five steps to an effective program are:

Assess Training Needs: The first step in developing a training program is to identify and assess needs.  Employee training needs may already be established in the organisation’s strategic, human resources or individual development plans.

Set Organisational Training Objectives: The training needs assessments (organisational, task & individual) will identify gaps in current training initiatives and employee skill sets. These gaps should be analysed and prioritised and turned into the organisation’s training objectives. The ultimate goal is to bridge the gap between current and desired performance through the development of a training program.

Training Action Plan: EngageRM works with your organisation to create a comprehensive action plan that includes learning theories, instructional design (user guide is available online to all customers), content, materials and any other training elements.  While developing the program, the level of training and participants’ learning styles, needs to also be considered.  Many companies pilot their initiatives and gather feedback to make adjustments before launching the program company-wide.  Organisations determine whether training will be delivered in-house or externally coordinated.

Implement Training Initiatives: During the implementation phase, we will bring the training program to life.  Program implementation includes the scheduling of training activities; which will include outside-training-hours exercises in your Testing environment, as well preparing the physical organisation of any related resources such as facilities and equipment.  The training program is then officially launched, promoted and conducted.  During training, participant progress should be monitored to ensure that the program is effective. EngageRM can report on these elements via participation, exercise completion, initiative and wholistic understanding.

Evaluate & Revise Training: Training should be continually monitored and evaluated to determine if it was successful and met training objectives.  Feedback is obtained from all stakeholders to determine program and instructor effectiveness, and also knowledge or skill acquisition.  Analysing this feedback will allow the organisation to identify any weaknesses in the program.  At this point, our training program/action plan can be revised if objectives or expectations are not being met.


Support Services will cover:

EngageRM provides support and ongoing maintenance of the SportsRM® solution with access to web and phone support options set-out in this section.

Ongoing enhancements to the Licensed Software
Access to the EngageRM online support system
General user assistance for trained client staff
Ad-hoc support requests from trained staff. EngageRM expects a single point of contact for all ad-hoc support requests.


Support Services will not cover;

  • Training and installation support services for new releases.  These services can be purchased from JEngageRM at current support rates.
  • Assistance for untrained users
  • General business process functions
  • Database administration functions for the SQL/Server Database/s

Documentation to be provided in respect of the Product Maintenance and Support Services will include, but not be limited to, at least the following:

EngageRM Tick Box Dot Point Icon Notes for updates and new releases detailing all changes made to the software including any changes in software functionality and/or operation.

EngageRM Tick Box Dot Point Icon Sufficient documentation/instructions shall be provided and you may undertake the installation of any system upgrade.

Business Hours Support – where you need technical support and have a current support agreement EngageRM will reply to support requests within 30-minutes of receiving the request.  To ensure this, requests must be lodged on the client’s Support Portal.

Prompt, robust resolution of each case is our highest priority, but the time to resolve individual cases will be determined by the type of case.  Where there is a reliance on a supplier to resolve the issue, we will do everything in our power to keep you up to date with the process. For example, issues could be escalated to Microsoft. Business Hours are Monday to Friday, 8am AEST to 7pm AEST to cover Western Australia.

Non-Business Hours Support – clients can submit support requests during non-business hours via the Support Portal. Our support engineers will do everything possible to resolve issues outside of business hours in a timely manner but where there is a reliance on suppliers, EngageRM cannot guarantee specific times for resolution.

Solution Access – EngageRM provide limited support for on-premise networks where there is no local domain.  If technical issues arise due to the client’s network and hardware configuration, we will be available to resolve these issues at the standard support rate, at the time of resolving the issue.


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