EngageRM enables sport & entertainment organisations to fully engage with their fans, partners and communities by centralising and activating data, CRM and third party platforms. We work with leading teams, leagues, venues and arena’s around the globe.

By enabling management of customer relationships through the right channels, we deliver efficient commercial processes to automate revenue generation, drive growth and ensure profitability for our customers. This de-risks the impact of siloed data on revenue potential, while reducing cost and confusion of managing multiple systems across the business.

We do this across ticketing, partnerships, hospitality, membership, marketing automation, community, facilities management, customer service and more, utilising the entire Microsoft Suite, including extensive Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.


Own Your Data. Engage Your Audience!

Having ownership and complete control of your data is critical. You should never pay for access to your own information or be 'locked in' to any vendor. Understand why this is so critical and what you need to do to protect your organisation.



Most people come to us frustrated about having many systems that don’t talk to each other, customer records in different places and confusion about how things should be done. The have trouble reporting on the real numbers, have to pay to access their own data and know they are underperforming when it comes to technology.

We solve these problems with an integrated, fully repeatable platform where clients actually own and engage with their data. We have the deepest range of functionality available in the market, there’s no third party storage or duplicate records and it’s all managed in the familiar Microsoft ecosystem.

We optimise Artificial Intelligence and machine learning to automate time consuming, difficult and challenging tasks and processes, saving time, money and a lot of frustration. We enable real time delivery of data for analytics, so everyone has personalised reports on their phone or desktop whenever they need them.

We’re Microsoft’s number 1 global partner for the sports and entertainment industry, with 20 years experience in CRM and over 50,000 hours of development time on the platform. EngageRM is used by some of the world’s most admired sports & entertainment brands and we are one of only 5 top tier Microsoft ISV Co-sell partners globally. We give back too, providing our technology free of charge for charitable purposes to build the communities of our clients.

Our customers sleep well at night and perform better because they know their data is always available and safely stored. We solve complex challenges and ensure that clients have the systems & resources to operate at their best and deliver stronger results to their fans and their communities.

Ned Coten, CEO, EngageRM

We believe that...

...sport & entertainment is a force for good in the world, by providing physical, emotional and personal benefits that make people happier and the world a better place to live. Our mission is to ensure clients are using the power of their brand to interact with fans and partners, realising their potential on and off the field, 365 days a year.


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